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Tapas Movida merupakan restoran dengan spesialisasi authentic Spanish dishes. Kata Tapas sendiri berasal dari bahasa Spanyol yang berarti appetizer atau snack, thats why we can find lots of delicious Spanish bite size snack here.
Overall AnakJajan really enjoyed the food at Tapas Movida, thank you for having us. Let’s Jajan!!, AnakJalan

Tapas Movida, the winner of The Best Spanish Restaurant 2013., NOW! Jakarta

NoInstructionManualUltimately, mark Tapas Movida in your whatever list to go for good food. And I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed and it will all worth the trip, give Tapas Movida a chance to bring you through an authentic Spanish dining experienceNoInstructionManual, NoInstructionManual

I’m really excited to go back to this restaurant, since I think they really have good Spanish food compared to the others.
It is said they bought the octopus from Spain! And you know what, the octopus was surprisingly very tender!The succulent pork belly was very tender! and the red wine juice made it perfect!
Best Paella in town!, The Yummy Traveler

Tapas Movida merupakan rekomendasi yang tepat untuk kalian datengi dan menikmati sensasi menu-menunya., Gedoor

Thanks Tapas Movida untuk undangan nya :), Urukyu

Despite the competition, the honour of being the best Spanish restaurant in town could be swinging Tapas Movida’s way. Twenty months after first making its debut, this fine joint has made plenty of waves through its cosily romantic ambience, shiny happy staff and, most importantly, its lip-smackingly authentic Spanish dishes (and breathtaking sangrias, let it not be forgotten!). Tapas Movida has shown that it can hold its own in any culinary bullfight in other words., Jakarta Java Kini

pinkcherryHonestly, I am really impressed by the quality of food this restaurant serves. I can’t even find anything to complain about. Some of the ingredients which I usually don’t like, I could eat there and even really love it, like for example, the yoghurt sauce and cheese. Both of these ingredients are really not my cup of tea, but there, I actually took the liberty to spoon some to my plate and I used that for practically every other dishes that I ate. Amazing, isn’t it?pinkcherry, FOODESCAPE

I had a really great time. Thanks to the warm hospitality – even without being invited, every time I’m craving for some real Spanish cuisine I’d come over this place. And you should too ;)

Do check-out their comfy decor and warm ambiance below. Perfect for dining with family, friends and the loved ones. Live music are there every Saturday night. Totally loved the place!, Umi Fadilah

Last Sunday, I had a super late lunch with a bunch of pretty interesting people, interesting meaning in a positive way of course! Hahaha..anyways I was introduced to this Spanish Restaurant that had opened in 2011 in Cipete Raya, South Jakarta. I was all excited and pumped about it and I must be honest that I’m a virgin with Spanish food. The only time I tried was at Moya and way back to remember anything about tapas, paella nor sangria. So this place called ‘Tapas Movida’ was a great welcome, differentiating itself from all the fusion food that Jakarta is flooded with !

Bottom line, like ambiance, like the price tag, loooooove the food. Which comes down to ‘Yes, I’ll definitely come back’ and you all should all try it for yourself. I bet you’ll come back as a regular !! , Try This Menu!!

Silvia ForsmanTapas Movida is a Spanish restaurant in Cipete that “aims to be Little Spain in Jakarta”. Tapas Movida is not boisterous or flashy. It offers traditional Spanish cuisine, Mediterranean and Atlantic, in a modest set up….

The tomatoes were soft but firm and seasoned well with rock salt, freshly cracked black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, finely chopped herbs and onion. The Brocheta de guacamole y gambas ajillo was tasty with well matched ingredients. The guacamole with sweet corn spread across a lightly toasted slice of baguette tempered the fresh sliced red chilli sprinkled on top of plump shrimp. Montadito de solomillo had a medium rare tenderloin well rested and lightly seasoned which enabled the other flavours, blue cheese, green olive and caramelised onions, to complete the open sandwich’s flavour. The Gambas ajillo came with fresh crunchy baguette. The sauce was lovely. Real butter was used with garlic, parsley and sliced red chillies. Depth of flavour was gained by either the use of white wine or sherry. The shrimp was cooked well and remained firm. The Pollo a la Vasca had superb chicken. The flavourful chicken was so tender it literally fell off the bone. The acidity from the tomato based sauce went perfectly with the rich potato gratin. Sliced green peppers in the sauce offered freshness.

Other recommended dishes include Jammon iberico and Pancetta asad. If you get confused as to what to order you can also find some recommendations from the previous patron’s comments that are written on the wall in front of the restrooms.

Happy hour is available on weekdays, 3pm-6pm: Buy one, get one for beer and sangria. On Sundays, every purchase of a jug of sangria entitles you to free Paella. Vegetarian and gluten free dishes are available on request.Silvia Forsman, Jakarta Expat

If you want to experience Spanish cuisine and wines in Jakarta, look no further than Tapas Movida. The menu features delicious Tapas and traditional Spanish dishes, such as freshly made Churros and delicious Paella. Another favorite of guests is our authentic Sangria, guaranteed to refresh guests on even the hottest day and inspire your palette for more Spanish cuisine adventures! Vegetarian and gluten free dishes also available., Living In Indonesia

Cosmo LifeMasakan Spanyol? Tinggal Tunjuk!
Masih sedikit restoran yang menjual jenis masakan Spanyol ke dalam deret menunya. Tapi di Tapas Movida, hampir semua hidangan disini “Serba Spanyol”.Cosmo Life, Cosmo Life

CindyDessert nya semua gw bilang enak ! Dari millefuille sampai eskrim nya. Ga ada minus2nya deh. Dessert nya ga ngecewain bener2, jadi puas makan disini. Ngerti kan kalo misalnya ud makan enak2 eh dessert nya kurang, kayanya hati ga plong gitu…..Cindy,

Maggie H. EddySpanyol adalah satu salah satu Negara favorit saya, dari sejarah, arsitektur, budaya, dan tentu kulinernya! Senang sekali saya saat menemukan satu restauran mungil dekat daerah perumahan di Jakarta Selatan (thank God it’s not in the mal!) yang mengangkat tema Spanyol. Dengan nama Tapas Movida, mereka yang sudah familiar dengan istilah Tapas (berbagai makanan pembuka/ ringan dingin dan panas) pasti langsung penasaran untuk mencobanya.
Maggie H. Eddy,

Intan WulandariCongratulations for Tapas Movida as runner up in Best Tex-Mex/ Spanish Restaurant category.
And thank you for your support for NOW! Jakarta Best Restaurant, Bar & Club 2012.Intan Wulandari, Now Jakarta

Beat MagazineTapas is a variety of snacks or appetizers, a true celebration of the Spanish culture and social way of life. Tapas Movida is reminiscent of a beautiful Mediterranean restaurant and bar. Dark wood elegantly dominates the interior. The patio area, with its tile-laden seats, is especially gorgeous. There are only a handful of tapas eateries in Jakarta, but Spanish Executive Chef Manuel Verdaguer makes sure you’ll have an authentic Spanish epicurean experience at Tapas Movida. Since opening in mid-2011, the flavorsome paellas and host of tapas never fail to lure diners back time and time again.Beat Magazine, Beat Magazine

YEMIMA LINTANG KHASTITI Jalan-jalan makan selalu seru. Lewat makan kita bisa berkunjung ke Guell, sebuah taman di Barcelona. Tertarik merasakan duduk di taman Barcelona sambil menikmati makanan khas Spanyol tanpa perlu jauh-jauh ke sana dengan budget segunung? Tapas Movida pilihan paling tepat! YEMIMA LINTANG KHASTITI ,

Putri NingrumMakanan ringan dengan bentuk mini sudah terbayang kelezatannya di mulut saya tiap kali melewati Tapas Movida. Saya pun mencicipi tapas ala Spanyol di restoran yang berniat untuk menciptakan ‘Mini Spain’ di Jakarta!Putri Ningrum,

KEANNYDi dalam kami disambut oleh ruangan yang menurut saya sangat nyaman. Lantai kotak2 hitam putih, dinding dengan bata ekspose dan plafon kayu ditambah cahaya yang temaram.
Namun saya dan teman-teman memilih duduk diluar, dengan kursi besi dan kursi yang dibuat dengan dinding yg seakan terbuat dari tanah liat dan dihiasi oleh mosaic keramik … hmmm … serasa di Spanyol.KEANNY,

Mr Boris Lautrette MFLLast Friday evening year 13 students in Mr. Lautrette’s and Mr. Watkins’ Spanish IB classes got to try out some authentic tastes of Spain at Tapas Movida restaurant in Cipete. The students were able to practise their Spanish prior to their final exams, by ordering such tempting delights as ‘Patatas Bravas’ and ‘Pan con Tomate’ and talking about the ingredients in these classic Spanish dishes.
Tapas Movida is decorated in an understated European style with just the right touch of Spanish influence and we almost felt like we had been transported to a Barcelona cafe. In Spain, meals can consist only of T apas: small portions of food served with bread and eaten alone or shared with friends.
Apart from the delicious taste, the real benefit of Tapas is trying several different things: our students ordered a wide selection of delicacies including: mushrooms cooked in garlic and olive oil, calamares with homemade mayonnaise and the traditional Spanish T ortilla: an omelette made with potatoes.
But the star of the show had to
be the Paella: a huge platter of mixed rice, seafood, meat and vegetables cooked in its own special pan. This is the most traditional dish in Spain and would be eaten on special occasions as well as
shared between friends and family.
Secondary Bulletin 2 March 2012 – Page: 13 of 23After all that it was hard to make room for desert but the menu was just too tempting. Students tried Apple Tart with Ginger Syrup, Lemon Tart with Mint Ice Cream and Crème Catalan amongst other sweet treats. Tapas Movida is about to launch a new menu and we were the lucky tasters of chef and co-owner Manuel’s chocolate brownie creation: a sublime mix of cake, chocolate and crunchy nuts. By the time Manuel had turned around to get spoons, the plates were empty and the students were wiping chocolate from their sticky fingers!
Towards the end of the meal we were serenaded by the excellent band that played a mixture of Spanish Flamenco inspired music and modern hits with a Spanish twist. It was a real treat for the students who got an insight into Spanish culture and food and managed to practise their Spanish. They enjoyed the delicious flavours and entertainment so much that they didn’t even seem to mind being out with their teachers!Mr Boris Lautrette MFL, BIS (British International School)

MelbudimanIt’s been quite a long time I’m drooling over nice Paella. Here in Jakarta, it’s not easy to find one. There’s only a little of Spanish restaurant in the industry. Suddenly, my eyes stopped at ‘Tapas Movida’ while I read some magazine. Voila! A Spanish restaurant!!
No more hesitation, I arranged a little gathering with my fellow foodie. Finally, I can taste some exotic taste in my palate! Woohoo!
Located in Cipete area, there’s this small restaurant with a classic atmosphere and a nice touch of mosaic tiles for the outdoor sitting area. Nice ambience.Melbudiman,

Maxim - Januari 2012Tapas adalah makanan khas Spanyol berupa beragam snacks atau appetizers yang bisa disajikan dingin atau hangat dengan citrarasa khas Spanyol.Maxim – Januari 2012, Maxim

Her World - Januari 2012Penasaran akan rasanya? Langkahkan kaki Anda menuju Tapas Movida dan nikmati suasana ala Spanyol lengkap dengan beragam hidangan tradisional Spanyol yang kaya rasa.Her World – Januari 2012, Her World

Love IndonesiaTapas Movida adalah Restoran Spanyol terbaru yang menyediakan berbagai macam makanan dan minuman tradisional Spanyol. Terletak di Jl. Cipete Raya, Tapas Movida mempunyai desain interior bertema flamenco, kental dengan restoran khas Spanyol yang intim dan nyaman. Gambar seorang matador dan seorang wanita yang sedang menari flamenco di panggung juga memberikan kesan yang seksi. Di bagian terasnya, hiasan marmer mozaik mempunyai atmosfer bergaya gaudi yang menghanyutkan seperti berada di Barcelona.Love Indonesia, Love Indonesia

Marmz I returned the weekend prior to the Lebaran holidays and the place was full of happy, noise-making customers. The chef came round and had a chat to all the customers and seemed like a really nice guy. I had tenderloin, brie and peppers on toast (x2) – delicious. Unlike other restaurants of this calibre, there is nothing even slightly pretentious about Tapas Movida. It is friendly, warm and relaxed. GO THERE!Marmz , Jakarta Restaurant Reviews

Tari DanawidjajaSo seriously, I have no complaints about this place, except they only serve churros in the morning until late 12pm. But if you’re dying to try their-super-delicious- churros, you’d better make your time, or just order via @tapasmovida on twitter, and tell them you’ll be there around 12ish to get the churros. The reason why they don’t serve churros all day long is: (drum roll) they use fresh oil everytime! Isn’t that fantastic, no greasy-smelly-oil?Tari Danawidjaja, Simply Me

Umi FadilahUsually me and my foodie friends only mingle if there’s a foodtasting/foodblogger gathering somewhere. But last week we did much further, it’s our first foodie night ever! (with no sponsor :p) And it’s a Spanish Food night! Couldn’t get any better than that.Umi Fadilah,

FebeeBuat penggemar masakan Spanyol, tidak ada salah nya untuk mencoba resto yang satu ini. Mereka menawarkan masakan Spanyol dengan ke aslian rasa.
Bruschetta de guacamole y gambas al ajillo (15) : guacamole bruschetta with garlic shrimps. Kalau boleh saya sarankan, ini adalah tapas yang wajib dipesan jika berkunjung ke resto ini. Guacamelo nya sangat pantas disandingkan dengan udang segar pada topping.Febee, Ingredients of Life

I had an opportunity to meet some of his service team who greeted me warmly, offered a most welcome cold beer and enthusiastically expounded the virtues of their workplace with its diverse menu and comprehensive wine list – a great start which I am sure would make any arriving guests immediately feel at home. What’s New Jakarta, on interview with Executive Chef/Owner Tapas Movida

Sebas Plaja GreavesAs Spanish guest from Tapas Movida, I will recommend all of you to visit this restaurant, and of course go for Tortilla española Montaditos/Pinchos and papas bravas they are even better than in many places in Spain..for drink Sangria of course or the amaizing taste of a spanish red wine,,,recommendation Señorio del Bierzo 2001..ENJOY!!!Sebas Plaja Greaves,

As many dishes are meant to be shared, people take pleasure in eating tapas as a social culinary custom. In Spain itself, many Tapas restaurants serve the food on a bar where people can take anything they would like to eat while having conversation. Although they serve by the table in Tapas Movida, it is better not to come alone.Florence Nathania, The Jakarta Post

sweetTooth21The chef/owner is super friendly. the last time I went there, he gave me lots of tasters. He took the time to go around all the tables and chat to everyone. Love the classic spanish ambience, the candle holder made out of recycled empty wine bottles are a nice touch. sweetTooth21, TripAdvisor

Phil FabreOooh geeezze, the food is so grrreeattt ! Tried a bit of everything and it was all good or excellent.
Best spanish ham and paella in JKT !
I highly recommend that restoPhil Fabre,